EVRSea is the most advanced marketplace for the EVR network. You can buy or sell NFTs, Tokens and Assets created in the EVR network with EVRSea. EVRSea is a completely transparent platform.

Simple. Because EVRSea is cheap and easy.

It costs about $2 to create an NFT in EVRSea. This can cost up to $100 on competing networks. Moreover, EVR or NFT transfer fees are about $ 0.5. EVRSea's commission fees are also below many platforms.

EVRSea is very easy. Its centralized structure is just like exchanges. You do not need to download a EVRSea wallet and create an account to purchase and collect an NFT. Moreover, you do not need to protect the IPFS data of the NFT you purchased. It continues the IPFS service for every NFT sold on EVRSea. This protects you from very possible NFT losses.

2022 Q1 - All features on the site will automatically begin to be performed on the EVR network. Errors on the site will be fixed. Some marketplace events will be held. The first version of our mobile application will be published on Android and IOS platforms.With this mobile application, you will be able to log in to your EVRSea account and view your NFTs. You will also be able to transfer the NFTs you own to TVs and tablets.

2022 Q2 - EVRSea platform with all its features will be transferred to the mobile application. Exchange features will be detailed.

2022 Q3 - EVR's dreams of tokenization come true. Token creation can be created independently of the exchange and marketplace and can be stored with optional privacy option. The entire blockchain infrastructure will be very manageable and simple by the end consumer.

EVRSea Token is an NFT Token created on the EVR network. The purpose of EVRSea Token is to keep the asset supply on the platform under control with the exchange infrastructure.

EVRSea Token is required to create a assets, nfts or tokens on the platform. At the same time, the EVRSea token is the most linked asset from the platform.

EVRSea Token is the most valuable asset in the EVR network and we will always be there to keep it that way.

We do this to protect NFT investors.

We believe that an exchange will solve the link between the production speed of artists and the demands of collectors. When artists pay more for listing, they will exhibit more elaborate work rather than mass production.

Building an NFT on the platform can be very profitable while the cost of creating an NFT is low. But when each NFT created causes the next NFT to be more expensive, artists will want to make sure their work will sell.

EVRSea has the lowest fees in the industry.

Buy now / Auction = 6%
Exchange (for multiple NFTs) = 6%
EVRSea Token = 6%

Unique NFT Create = 20 EVR
Multiple NFT Create = 30 EVR
EVR Withdraw = 3 EVR


A Royalty Fee is a fee that the collection creator puts on the collection. Each NFT of the collector creator is paid equally by the buyer and seller when sold. E.g ; If a collector creator sets the Royalty Fee at 2 percent, the buyer and seller pay an additional 1 percent when that collection is sold.